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About LG Glass & Glazing

LG Glass & Glazing Ltd. is an indigenous SME formally established in 1979. It is a family owned and managed business located in Cloonkeen, Castlebar, Co Mayo. The company is a specialist glass company engaged in the manufacture of processed value add glass products. High end products include toughened glass, bent/curved toughened glass, fire glass, laminating, as well as architectural glass for industrial, commercial and domestic market segments throughout Ireland and the UK.

The company has diversified its product range over the number of years into specialised processed glass products. Value add glass processing is mainly for architectural, industrial, commercial, home improvements, safety, auto, furniture markets in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

The diverse nature of the processed glass side of the business has been developed from identifying growth areas in this industry, sensible investments in a suite of plant and equipment that is enabling the company to reach is potential.

The growth in processed toughened glass in the UK and Ireland as well as trends in bent, curved toughened niche and specialist environmental glass products is where LG Glass & Glazing intends to concentrate in both the domestic and export markets.