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Curved Toughened Glass

Toughened curved glass is manufactured through the process of heating, curving, and rapidly cooling the glass, which increases its strength by up to 5 times greater than normal float glass. This allows it to be used in applications specifying safety glazing as well as structural glazing. As with flat toughened glass, if it is broken, curved toughened glass will disintegrate into small relatively harmless pieces which are neither large enough or sharp enough to cause serious injury.

Curved toughened glass is available in versions of most of the range of basic glass products:

Glass Thickness Maximum Size
Girth v Length
Minimum Radius
4mm 2440 x 4280 1.1 metre
5mm 2440 x 4280 1.1 metre
6mm 2440 x 4280 1.1 metre
8mm 2440 x 4280 1.1 metre
10mm 2440 x 4280 1.1 metre
12mm 2440 x 4280 1.5 metre
15mm 2440 x 4280 1.5 metre
19mm 2440 x 4280 2.0 metre

It is important to note that a torerance of +/- half the thickness of the glass to a maximum of 6mm is a requirement of LG Glass & Glazing in accordance with industry standards.

Curved laminated glass is produced by permanently bonding two pieces of curved glass together with an interlayer or resin which acts to hold the glass together in the even of a breakage. It is becoming increasing more popular with architects and specified in many balustrade or canopy applications. Laminated curved glass can be made up of any combination of glasses and is custom-made for each individual project.


When manufacturing curved glass it is necessary to know the circumference, height, and radius dimensions. We can also determine the radius and circumference if you send us a template or a mould of what is requested. LG Glass & Glazing can further provide the option of a measuring services to all its customers. We operate with a number of teams who are highly skilled in this area.