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Double Glazed Units

LG Glass & Glazing has commissioned state of the art IGU machinery to allow us to manufacture highly developed, dual seal double or triple glazed units to meet the many varied needs of a window. Available in a wide choice of glass thicknesses and glass types, the performance of a units will depend upon the particular combination of glasses used.

In more recent years the use of coated glass applied to one surface of a units can enchance the overall thermal insulation given by the unit. U value is the term used to measure the rate of heat loss through an IG unit. To have a better understanding of how the U value is effected between single, double, glazing glazed units with or without a low-e coated glass, please look at the diagrams below:

LG Glass & Glazing is focused on achieving the highest levels of quality in IG manufacturing and can supply a full range of units such as flat, curved, low-e, hard and soft coat, warm edge, gas filled, or silicone sealed units. Minimum size available is 150mm x 150mm while maximum size available is 2440mm x 4280mm.