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Fire Resistant Glass for Ireland & the UK

Architects and designers are increasingly looking of better solutions to provide buildings with new aesthetic designs and more comfort safety for the people who use them. In many cases, such glazing must be fire resistant to comply with the building regulations which aim to stop the spread of fire and enable a safe evacuation of a building. LG Glass & Glazing is a licensed distributor of Antifire proprietary patented fire-rated construction glass. We supply this unique product through a distribution network across Ireland, the U.K. and continental Europe. AntiFire can be used in applications internally and externally, where building regulations stipulate a specific level of fire resistance and where natural light and clear visability are required such as:

In addition to the AntiFire range LG Glass & Glazing can supply a range of other fire rated glass and glazing products such as Glaverbel, CGI, and Pilkington. We can design, supply and fit your fire safe glass solutions, including fire rated glass doors and frameless fire rated glass doors. Get in touch to discuss your needs for fire-rated glazing, fire retardant glass, fire insulation glass or any other requirement from this experienced and quality fire rated glass suppliers.

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