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Photo of impact safety test on flat toughened glass

Flat Toughened Glass

LG Glass & Glazing provides toughened glass with a Class A impact performance to BS 6206. In general, our toughened glass is up to 5 times as strong as normal annealed glass. It can with stand extremes of heat and cold and offers greatly increased resistance to sudden temperature changes compared to normal annealed glasses.

Toughened glass, if it is broken, disintegrates into small relatively harmless pieces which are neither large enough or sharp enough to cause serious injury.

Toughened glass is available in versions of most of the range of basic glass products:

Heating soaking is another option available with toughened glass which increase the overall quality of the toughening and reduces the risk of breakages. It is often recommended where toughened glass is specified in roofs, spandral areas or for structural glazing.

Toughened laminated is another option LG Glass & Glazing can provide. This involves the lamination of two already toughened glass panels to give the highest level of safety. If, for some particular reason, one of the panels is broken after installation, the lamination ensures the panel remains in place and will not disintegrate as a single panel of toughened would. Toughened laminated is becoming increasingly popular in canopy and balustrade applications and specified by architects more and more.